unique works of art - steel and copper sculptures by Phillip Hazard.
no duplicates exist of any of the sculptures on this site but commissions can be taken for similar works

e: sculptures@metalart.co.uk
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call ++44 (0)115 941 1144 (UK) for more details

From ferocious dragons and knights on horseback to elegant and dynamic human forms - Phil Hazard creates sculptures that leave a lasting impression.

detail of horses head from one of Phillip's 'signature' collection sculptures. Each one of these sculptures comes with authentication signed by the artist. Each sculpture bears the artist's 'mark' and signature.

We currently require agents or art dealers in the following countries:

USA, Japan, France, Spain

If you can fulfill this role please call:
++44 (0)115 941 1144
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18 Heathcoat Street


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